WOMEN of Impact

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What is Women of Impact?

Through the use of biblical principles, women learn together how to follow Christ’s example and impact their sphere of influence to shine for the kingdom of God.


Impacted Lives

Women of Impact has really turned my life around. I had been dealing with a traumatic experience from the childhood and the play “Beauty for Ashes” really ministered to me and a healing process began in my life. I am forever grateful to God for that encounter.


I had a mild migraine from Friday afternoon (I get them often and I’m on constant medication). I did not take my medication as I couldn’t find my pills. Throughout the day I could feel it worsening so I popped an Advil which only minimizes the pain for me. But the moment Bishop Tacky came over to me during the service and touched my forehead with the anointing oil my migraine disappeared completely.


The fire of God was felt all over the place and the conference was very well organized. I was challenged by the speakers – I only planned on coming for one night but was so blessed, I attended all the services the entire weekend.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of the women’s ministry?

Women’s ministry is designed to re-charge women spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Women are empowered to be involved in ministry work and fulfil God’s destiny.

Are women’s meetings only for mature women in the church?

The women’s ministry caters to women of all ages by providing coaching, mentorship, leadership, support, guidance and counselling in all areas of life.

Why do I need to fast during a retreat?

Fasting prepares you for an encounter with the Holy spirit and benefits your body, mind and soul.

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