International Outreach

Philanthropic impact across the nations

What is International Outreach?

International outreach is about impacting the lives of all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the will of the Father and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. It is also our vision and resolve to impact lives in a pratical way.  We did this by supporting Ghana and India with groceries, house supplies, mattresses, school supplies, backpacks and more to help those that were in need during the COVID- 19 pandemic. 

In Ghana, we partnered with hospitals and pharmacies to give the people access to medical checks and drugs where needed. We also ministered the gospel with great evidence of the power of God. Souls were saved, lives transformed, and the power of God healed many in the services. This was a partnership between Impact Lives Church and BT Global Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this happen?

We will make an announcement anytime we have to make a trip to support other countries with aid and the preaching of the gospel. Stay tuned.

Where does this happen?

We started with Ghana & India. Our goal is to go to as many countries and support as much as we can

What kind of supplies do give?

Food supplies, medical supplies, clothing, household items and many more

How can i support?

You are welcome to be help by being a onetime or recurring monthly donor. You can donate here

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