Food pantry

Practically Meeting the needs of our community

Every 2nd Saturday of the month | 1:00pm-4:00pm
Location: 1274 Martin Grove Rd

What is ILC’s Food pantry

The food pantry is ILC support in addressing food insecurity in our community. Household food insecurity is strongly linked to poverty in Canada.

70% of households who rely on social assistance in Canada are food insecure. But it also dramatically affects a significant portion of the Canadian workforce.

60% of food-insecure households rely on wages and salaries as their primary source of income. Families working low-wage jobs may not earn enough to put healthy food on the table.  We at ILC are determined to lessen that gap by supporting anyone that needs our services. 
Our resolve is to do our part and support, as many families as we can to elevate some of the stress and mental anguish they may be facing.

Impacted Lives

I am so thankful for what the church is doing for the community things are so hard and my family and I are grateful for the support to feed us. 


When ever I get a call reminding me  of  the food pantry I am very thankful not having enough  to feed our children  is so stressful the groceries we received are good groceries and things we need and used , my family is also grateful for the back pack and school supplies we receive.


I am senior and I am taking care of my grand children the food pantry is a staple for me as I am on pension and it does not go far the food pantry is a blessing to us.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this happen?

( Every second Saturday of the month )  Disclaimer  just for you be mindful that sometimes due to church events the pantry is not opened .

Where does this happen?

1274 Martin Grove Road, Etobicoke.

Who is this for?

Anyone that needs the support can access the food pantry 

Do I have to pay to receive food supplies?

 No there is no cost to the participants of the food pantry ILC is here to support the community

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